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Intermax Towers leases long term rights to construct and maintain cell facilities. We also purchase or lease rights to existing towers. We take full responsibility for necessary governmental approvals, engineering, and relationships with cell carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and TMobile.

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Cell tower sites must be strategically located to meet the expanding mobile market and to address gaps or weak links in existing local radio frequency patterns. Often, this means that the most desirable sites are environmentally and/or visually sensitive. Our approach is to identify and achieve way of balancing these sensitivities with cellular carrier needs.

We are flexible and adapt to the uniqueness of each situation. Dimensions of a tower site are usually small and require an access route for occasional maintenance. The exact location and access to facilities are not a matter of one size fits all. Necessary power to operate the equipment is our responsibility.

We are headquartered in Boise Idaho and our operating area is the Western states. Our sister company, Intermax Networks, builds and operates fiber optic facilities, microwave towers and internet connections In Washington and Idaho.

Property Owners

Intermax Towers is a financially solid company with a long term perspective on the facilities it develops and manages. We are at the forefront as the cellular industry evolves and expands.

We handle management of the carriers, and in many instances there will be several. We have strong and ongoing relationships with all major carriers. The owner has no responsibilities for interacting with them. The facilities operate very quietly and need only minimal maintenance.

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We emphasize close personal relationships with property owners and the ability to address at any time questions and issues they may have. We are not a bureaucratic organization and have a thorough understanding of the geographic region and people of the region in which we operate.

Intermax generally leases long term rights for cell facility development. We also can purchase outright development rights and assume leases for existing facilities. We inspect and maintain facilities in an ongoing basis.

Lease payments are made automatically, generally on a monthly schedule. Payment escalation over time is part of every lease contract.

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Cell Industry Carriers

Intermax Towers is focused on cell facilities in the western US. We lease or purchase tower and rooftop sites and also acquire existing facilities.

We are active in both build to suit and colocation arrangements. Our sister company, Intermax Networks, develops and owns backhaul microwave towers and fiber networks.

We excel at establishing and maintaining wireless carrier relationships and adapting to their specific requirements in a given area. A particular set of abilities we have is the ability to navigate challenging physical and regulatory situations. We handle all aspects of site acquisition and development and provide turnkey services.

Intermax is nimble and able to commit financial and personnel resources quickly in a rapid and efficient manner.

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Brand Relations

We have strong and ongoing relationships with carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

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Our sister company, Intermax Networks is a tower operator, data transport and Internes service providers Washington and Idaho.

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420 Main Street, Suite 204
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 861-9111

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