Cell Industry Carriers

Intermax Towers is focused on cell facilities in the western US. We lease or purchase tower and rooftop sites and also acquire existing facilities.

We are active in both build to suit and colocation arrangements. Our sister company, Intermax Networks, develops and owns backhaul microwave towers and fiber networks.

We excel at establishing and maintaining wireless carrier relationships and adapting to their specific requirements in a given area. A particular set of abilities we have is the ability to navigate challenging physical and regulatory situations. We handle all aspects of site acquisition and development and provide turnkey services.

Intermax is nimble and able to commit financial and personnel resources quickly in a rapid and efficient manner.

Cell phone tower in the sunset

Brand Relations

We have strong and ongoing relationships with carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

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Our sister company, Intermax Networks is a tower operator, data transport and Internes service providers Washington and Idaho.